LinkPizza and Bloggerlijst join forces

Online media is starting to become more and more attractive for advertisers. More marketing budget is allocated to bloggers every year! The only problem for advertisers is finding the right blogger for them. This is one of the reasons why Bloggerslijst and LinkPizza are joining forces; The transparency of Bloggerslijst is combined with the advertising expertise of LinkPizza, something which adds value for both advertisers and bloggers.

Save time and expenses

Bloggers can list themselves in the marketplace and be approached by advertisers for a cooperation. By simplifying this process both the blogger and advertiser save time and expenses. This is further enhanced by the satisfaction guarantee offered, making sure the advertiser has the certainty he needs.


Bloggerslijst appeared to be a great succes after their launch in March 2016, hundreds of bloggers signed up for their lists, and reactions of bloggers mentioning they got found by advertiser through them came in rapidly. By partnering up with LinkPizza we hope to help even more bloggers that signed up for our lists.

Working together with LinkPizza

LinkPizza has years of experience working with international bloggers, both through starting our affiliate network aggregator and previous work in the field. At this point in time LinkPizza is expanding to other fields and a cooperation between Bloggerslijst and us was the next logical step. Helping bloggers monetize their website through various methods in a simple and easy manner.


In the Marketplace advertisers can search, filter and browse through hundreds of publishers offering advertorials, affiliate opportunities and other forms of advertising. And all of this through just a few clicks. After a deal has been struck LinkPizza will even handle all of the invoicing saving even more time and resources!

In conclusion, we’re very proud and happy with this cooperation and hope to help a lot of bloggers and advertisers together!

For more information you can contact (Klaas Joosten +31 6 26 06 22 13) (Melissa Peltenburg +31 6 41 77 17 52)


Monetize your website with LinkPizza

LinkPizza is the smart solution to monetize your everyday tasks. Why? Because it helps you to easily  your website without any additional effort. Signing up will give you an instant access to more than 50.000 advertisers all across the world. No need to manage different affiliate accounts anymore, with us you will have everything in one place easy to manage.

monetize your links with LinkPizza

Why monetize your content with LinkPizza

LinkPizza has one clear focus, helping publishers and bloggers monetizing their blog and content. Our platform can automatically connect your old and new product/content links to affiliate networks. Reducing the hard work for you. This will automatically save you the trouble and time. Time you can spend on writing your blog posts.

Once you’ve implemented the WordPress plugin, JavaScript, or Redirect we’ll check if your links are connected to any advertisers. Once found, we will select the best program and automatically convert your links to monetized ones. So next time you add a link directing to a web store or a product it will automatically be connected to an affiliate network. Which means you can instantly monetize your blog without any of the hard work you have been doing.

Our statistics will help publishers and bloggers track their performance, so they can focus on the advertisers that are more profitable, generate leads and therefore revenue.

Automating your product links into affiliate links is an ideal solution to help save time. By taking the hassle and technicality out of affiliate marketing. It allows you to have more time to focus on writing great content and developing your site (the things that truly matter!).

So now you have the answer. LinkPizza is here to rescue you from the boring world of website monetization. Simply sign in in our website and start immediately. If you need extra help, don worry we are here to help you.